Double Glazing

Double Glazing in Uist and Barra

We supply and install new UPVC double glaze windows across the Outer Hebrides.

Hebridean Heating is based in Uist and has a wide range of windows, doors to choose from. Whether it’s for a contemporary, traditional house or a commercial building, we have UPVC systems to suit any property.

A lot of heat escapes through the glass in windows, which is why double, triple glazing is a recommended energy conservation measure. Double glazing is filled with an inert gas such as argon or has a vacuum between the glass panes to reduce heat transfer from your home. We have a range of UPVC chart frames, double glazed windows, which are secure and energy efficient.

This design improves aesthetics and clean lines. Multiple chambers enhance thermal efficiency, strength and drainage. The chambers lock in heat giving up to A++ rating triple glazed windows. Tested to BS6375, the windows gasket achieves outstanding air-tightness and weathering performance. A unique, patented knock-in bead system ease fitting.