Heating in Uist and Barra

We supply and install Worcester Bosch, Grant oil condensing boilers, convector radiators and underfloor heating systems. When installing radiators, heat losses are considered and calculated on a room by room basis. The heat output is required in each room and estimated radiators will then be sized accordingly.

We now offer a 6 year warranty on new oil boiler installations.

Hebridean Heating covers all types of oil central heating systems. New installations, breakdowns, regular services. Our engineers will provide you with a professional and reliable service.

We also remove water, sediment, sludge from your oil tank. If water is left in an oil tank for a long period of time, it will begin to corrode. Unless you get regular checks, you won’t be aware of the problem until operational problems begin to occur. Sediment, water and bacteria will form at the base of your oil tank and create a build-up of sludge. This will eventually lead to leaks and other serious problems that will shut down your system. Damaged burner components will occur and a lack of combustion.

When installing a boiler, we ensure that any pressure relief pipework will be in copper and run downwards away from the boiler and discharge outside from any electrical or other hazards. Pressure relief pipe will be finished with a partial bend near the outlet facing the external wall to help prevent freezing and scolding infants. (If the expansion vessel, heat exchanger, filling loop fails, pressure will rise to 3 bar, resulting in scolding hot water discharging outside.