Insulating homes

Insulating Hebrides Homes

Hebridean Heating insulates homes from Uist, Barra and throughout the Hebrides.

Once we have carefully removed your skirting boards, architrave. We would then begin to remove any existing plasterboard from the outside walls of your home and begin to insulate the walls with Kingspan or rockwool.

Once insulation is installed, new plasterboard will then be fitted and plastered with a smooth finish. Newly plastered walls will be painted with a matt white. Lastly any second fix joinery will be re installed. All existing plasterboard will be disposed off, leaving the site clean and tidy.

The more your home is insulated, the warmer it will be in the winter months and the cooler it will be in the summer.

50% of the heat in a house can escape through the roof, walls, windows and floor if a building is not insulated. This “poorly insulated” house is not only very expensive to heat but it makes a home very hard to keep warm. Insulation is the equivalent of putting a big blanket around your house; the walls, roof, floor, windows and doors that helps to maintain the temperature inside at your desired level.